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Helpful Humanitarians

is teaming up with local charities, including the OC Foodbank and the 2020 Community Cup , to give back to the surrounding communities. We are asking , employees, members, families, and friends to help us in this fight against hunger. To join our team, please email us; the deadline to sign up is Aug. 28. The project will run from Aug. 1–Sep. 11, and those who wish to participate will be asked to leave out marked bins at their branches to collect donations. (Note: this community charity campaign is now over)

This is a great opportunity for your credit union and credit union family to get involved and help those in your community even further, virtually and physically during COVID-19.

“The OC Food Bank works with nearly 400 local charities, soup kitchens, and community organizations to end hunger and malnutrition. CAPOC personnel distributes over 23,000 food boxes each month at 55 distribution sites in Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties. The program provides nutritional assistance to relieve situations of emergency and distress through the provision of food to the poor.”

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(note: this is an older entry and has been edited since originally posted. The community charity campaign is now complete to great success!)