Data linking, also known as “Mapping”, is the process of taking data gathered from a credit union’s data processing system and linking that data to correctly print on a loan (or other) form so that all of the blanks are populated with the appropriate information and the form is properly completed. When you want your forms and database to work better together you need the data linking services of Oak Tree.

Until we began our Data Services Department, the linking process was often time-consuming and costly for credit unions. Not any more. Our look-ahead business posture assures you of a fast, inexpensive, and reliable source for the essential member information link you need. Among other data processing systems, we support:

  • DocumentIt Encore / LoanCierge (Fiserv)
  • Symitar Symform – (Jack Henry)
  • Symitar SymPDF – (Jack Henry)
  • Users – (Fiserv) Data Safe/Smart Term/Laser Forms
  • Finastra – (Previously known as Ultradata)
  • Alps Forms – (the lending side of FSP (Financial Services Platform) /Finastra)
  • FrontOffice Forms – (the membership side of FSP(Financial Services Platform)/Finastra)
  • XP2 Release 2
  • Smart PDF Forms (SmartForms: PDF with fillable fields) Globally linked Adobe Acrobat Reader enabled .pdf packages & Standalone Adobe Acrobat Reader enabled .pdf forms with fields
  • DNA (Fiserv)
  • FICS (Financial Industry Computer Systems, Inc.)

What makes Oak Tree so special is our ability to work with any data processor. We are already certified with many, and more are being added as systems change and evolve. If you use your own data processor and don’t need to use our data linking services, Oak Tree will compile your forms and send them to your data processing company.

Of even greater importance is our ability to do your Data Linking at a much lower cost and in a fraction of the time, it usually takes. Our Data Services Department supports your form changes, revisions, and system upgrades, and provides you with toll-free telephone support. Another Oak Tree Customer Advantage!