All forms from Business Systems, Inc. are customizable, easy-to-use, work with all data processors, and are state and federally compliant. We have offered our products & services to for almost 40 years.

Credit UnionMembership Forms

Membership Documents

Master Membership Agreements and Member Services Disclosures that provide your credit union with easy access forms to sign up your new members. We have the “letter regulations” and the disclosures they require covered. Electronic Fund Transfers, Truth-In-Savings, Privacy Policy…you name it and we do it. But we also do it with style, efficiency, and language that makes all these disclosure requirements much easier to manage than you may be accustomed to. Grow your membership with the best credit union membership documents now.

Credit Union consumer lending Forms

Consumer Lending

Granting loans is probably the most important job of every credit union. Consumer loans of any type can be made member-friendly by using our unique, simplified forms that permit your walk-in, online or telephone members to apply for any loan (including leasing) you have in your portfolio using one multi-purpose application. Open-End or Closed-End – you choose. We’ll show you how a truly efficient system works with the best on the market. Get the best credit union consumer lending documents now.

Credit Union Home Equity Lending

Home Equity Lending

Home Equity Lending programs are our specialty, Closed-End, and Open-End Home Equity Lending (including Open-End lending in Texas!). Credit unions, examiners, and attorneys alike continually praise our approach to both line-of-credit and traditional Closed-End mortgage loans. More than that, we help you keep disclosures that need annual recalculations up to date. One less worry, wouldn’t you agree? these forms can be printed forms or web-based forms! Get the best credit union home equity lending documents now.

Credit Union Business Membership and Commercial Lending Business Forms

Business Lending

Your credit union needs business lending documents. A growing interest in many is Business Lending. Whatever the stage of your business loan thinking, we have the expertise and the programs to put you into this highly profitable lending area. One look at our Business Membership and Business Loan documentation, and one brief conversation with our Business Lending experts, and you will be convinced. From the business loan agreement to any other form we take credit union compliance very serious! Get the best credit union consumer and business lending documents now.

Other Products & Services

Compliance Support

Here is where directs the majority of its resources. All forms requiring state and/or federal compliance are reviewed by our appropriate legal counsel before you receive them and then periodically, as long as you are an Oak Tree Customer. Unique? You bet but totally expected from Oak Tree. Contact us to learn more.

Forms Output

It used to be that when anyone talked about forms, pre-printed versions immediately came to mind. Although pre-printed forms are still a very important component, the era of laser-generated and/or web-based forms are either in place at your credit union or soon will be. We correspond directly with your data processor to ensure a “no work, no worry” installation. Contact us to learn more.

Data Linking Services

Data Linking (also known as “Mapping”) is the process of collecting data from your data processing system and linking that data to the appropriate field on a loan (or other) form so that all of the fields are properly completed.

Business Systems, Inc.’s Data Services Department makes the linking process fast, low-cost, and reliable for the essential information you need. Contact us to learn more.

Spanish Forms

Take the opportunity to offer the Spanish-speaking community compliant forms. offers your credit union a customizable forms solution that complies with state and federal requirements. Contact us to learn more.


provides support and direction on the use of your lending and operational documents through our training staff. You will have unlimited access via email or our toll-free number to assist you with any questions or concerns. We also offer available on-site training and education at your credit union! Contact us to learn more.

Marketing Services

Let us help you reach your demographics with a targeted, fun, and creative marketing strategy for your credit union. can make your credit union “First in Show” with our marketing services. 

Marketing support, training, compliance reviews, data linking, and unlimited, toll-free telephone support are just some of the customer advantages.

To know more about Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc. and the products we offer, please contact us for customized forms packages that would benefit your credit union. Or contact us on Twitter!