Humanitarian Highlight 8.26.21

This week’s #HumanitarianHighlight is on credit unions giving to and healing to those in need. As we’ve seen in the past few weeks, it seems that credit unions are always on the lookout for fantastic causes to help. From Texas to Hawaii, let’s look at some credit unions doing their best to help their members.

Credit Union of Texas

This credit union awarded a $20,000 Scholarship to one Elementary School Principal! Antonio Verduzco was awarded the 2021 William H. Cotton Scholarship from the Credit Union of Texas. Verduzco will use the scholarship to pursue a doctoral degree at SMU.

A+ Federal Credit Unin

The African American Youth Harvest Foundation received a sizeable $1,500 donation from A+ Federal Credit Union! The money will go to the AAYH Foundation’s mission to help improve the quality of life for African American and low-income families.

Embers Credit Union

Embers Credit Union donated $5,000 as a sponsor for the UP State Fairgrounds toward their upcoming event. The fairgrounds, located in Michigan, offer a variety of facilities at its venue and will be hosting an event in the coming weeks.

Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union

Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union hosts a “Funding the Future” scholarship opportunity annually to award five high school seniors with $2,000 each. This year’s winners were: Clayton Boeker, Jack Bishop, Melina Fedewa, Lero Stavinoha III and Veronica Chavez.

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union

Participating in the Hawaii Food Bank’s large drive for donations, Hawaii State Credit Union donated $22,000 and over 3,800 pounds of food. The credit union also donated $2,500 and 960 additional pounds of food to the Maui Food Bank.

WEOKIE Federal Credit Union

WEOKIE Federal Credit Union presented Compassionate Hands with a check for $2,250 toward their Care-A-Van service. The service provides transportation to those in need, and the WEOKIE Foundation gladly supports their efforts.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

Yet another week with some of the most inspiring and selfless acts of giving from credit unions. It takes time and effort to give to and heal those in need, but it is an act that credit unions are very familiar with.

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