Humanitarian Highlight 6.3.2021 | CUs Local Heroes

Humanitarian Highlight 6.3.2021

For this week’s Humanitarian Highlight, we want to take a look at how, even in these challenging times, CUs continue to be the local heroes of their communities. Is your credit union a stand-out when it comes to charity and community? Then hit us up on social media and let’s help get the word out on your good works!! From beach cleanups to blankets and the most vulnerable let’s look at how CUs maintain their positivity and are the local heroes of their community.

Christian Financial Credit Union

Macomb Country Rotating Emergency Shelter Team (MCREST) is a community shelter for mothers and their children to go to who are experiencing homelessness. MCREST is holding a Moms for Moms campaign in honor of Mother’s Day. Christian Financial Credit Union has graciously donated $10,000 towards the new shelter at MCREST. This campaign will be towards the necessities for the new shelter like beds, books, toys, and blankets. The new shelter will be able to house up to 45 mothers and their children. Christian Financial CU wants to continue making an impact within their community and this Mother’s Day campaign was a great opportunity for them to make a difference.

HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union

Non-profit, 808 Cleanups has been cleaning up Hawaii’s beaches and parks for the last 4 years. Recently, due to the pandemic, the non-profit had lost its yearly grant.  HawaiiUSA FCU donated $5,000 to 808 Cleanups. This amount will make a huge difference and will go right into the project they are working on. 808 Cleanups has cleaned up more than 700,000 pounds of garbage in Hawaii. Thanks to HawaiiUSA FCU they can continue to make Hawaii a cleaner destination.

Global Credit Union

Global Credit Union employees raised nearly $3,000 for Walk MS. During April, Global CU employees were able to raise the funds by having an internal company-wide raffle as well as by personal funding. They were able to reach their goal and help members of their community battling MS.

Credit Union West

Credit Unions West’s EmployeesCare Program raises funds for local organizations throughout their community. Through this program, Credit Union West was able to donate $3,000 to AZ Blankets 4 Kids a non-profit that hand makes blankets for children that are in need. They have been able to donate more than 135,000 blankets to children in need located in the Phoenix area. Credit Union West community and members of their community are their top priorities as a credit union.

Yolo Federal Credit Union

Yolo FCU has chosen three local organizations to donate a total of $5,000 in honor of the Big Day of Giving. They picked Empower Yolo, The Yolo Community Foundation ad Yolo County CASA. All of these organization shave made big impacts on the community, as well as Yolo FCU. Being the only credit union in the county, Yolo FCU does as much as it can to positively impact its community.

USF Federal Credit Union

USF FCU has recently partnered with AdventHealth West Florida to help maintain a healthy community and support local hospitals. This partnership included a donation of $150,000. This large donation is going to be divided up between 3 organizations with AdventHealth. Part of the donation is going to a new MRI machine, after having a 17-year old one as well as meals for frontline workers at the hospitals.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

Thank you for reading this Humanitarian Highlight! It was great to see CUs take lead and be their local community heroes during these challenging times. Please check out last week’s, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our products & services through our email or by phone (800) 537-9598.

On a final note, we have started a new feature, the Credit Union Roundup, and we hope you return tomorrow to see what is going on in the Credit Union community and how CUs are local heroes within their communities continue to inspire every day!