CU Events Roundup Apr 9, 2021

Welcome to this week’s CU Events Roundup for Apr 9, 2021, where we will look at the Credit Union community and bring up some of the events we see going on. Oak Tree loves keeping tabs and participating in these credit union events. Please let us know if we missed out on yours and we’ll be sure to help promote it. We signed up for the Sactown, see below for more info on this.

This Week’s Events

April has often been the busiest of months for us in the credit union industry when it comes to conventions and events. This year it has been a bit difficult to keep up with all the changes, but here are a few of the events we’ve been able to track.

Hawaii Credit Union League’s 82nd Convention

Hawaii CU League went with “Renewed Commitment” for their 2021 virtual event. The HCUL looks to have lined up some great speakers and interesting discussions. Granted, we all have to agree to have an excuse to visit Hawaii makes us really hope that 2022 is a live event again.

Cornerstone League’s Annual Meeting

Cornerstone has long operated as a membership and trade association for credit unions located in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. They are at the tail-end of their Annual Meeting as this is being published. We can’t wait to hear more about how the event went! They had Sarah Thomas as their featured keynote, and we have to imagine it was very inspirational.

SacTown 5k Run

We also wanted to bring up how we are participating in this year’s Credit Union SACTOWN Virtual 5k. The event starts tomorrow and ends on the 20th, if you have not signed up now you have until the 19th as a last-chance entry date. They are allowing participants to do more than just running, so that’s great for those of us who tend to avoid running. Be sure to check out the Sacramento Running Association and remember that 100% of the funds go to benefit the Children Miracle Network Hospitals in California and Nevada. Thank you to the California Credit Union League and the Nevada Credit Union League for all you do as well!

Next Week’s Events

Utah CU Association Annual Meeting & Convention

Utah’s Credit Unions will be coming together online as their 2021 annual meeting is going virtual. We see a bunch of great speakers from the credit union community! Remember, let us know about your annual meetings or conventions and we’ll be sure to help get the word out!! And we’re always on social media ready to engage with you about whatever you want to discuss! They have the speakers and other information posted.

Coming Soon

PSCU Virtual Member Forum is going virtual on April 20th.

The Ohio Credit Union League usually has their inVest48 event around this time, but don’t worry — we saw they have it in May this year!

Speaking of events moving to later in the year, we saw that the NCPCU is doing its Strategy Summit in October this year.

That will do it for the CU Events Roundup on Apr 9, 2021. We hope you like this feature and we look forward to seeing how it can grow moving forward. If your credit union, credit union league, or credit union chapter has a big event coming up — drop us a comment or hit us up on social media.