Humanitarian Highlight 5.27.21

For this week’s Humanitarian Highlight, we want to take a look at how, even in these challenging times, CUs continue to focus on the good. Is your credit union a stand-out when it comes to charity and community? Then hit us up on social media and let’s help get the word out on your good works!! From gardens to skateparks and the most vulnerable let’s look at how CUs maintain their positivity and focus on the good for the community.

TTCU Federal Credit Union

TTCU Federal has been very involved and a big supporter of education in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They have established an education program and since 1934 have donated over $1 million to Oklahoma schools. For Teacher Appreciation Week, the week of May 3rd, the TTCU staff delivered 150 boxes of break room snacks and treats to schools across their local area. TTCU FCU has a deep appreciation for all the educators in the Tulsa area and showed that.

Eglin Federal Credit Union

Eglin Federal Skatepark is scheduled to open on June 5th, only three months after breaking ground. With over a year of fundraising, the skatepark was finally fully funded thanks to Eglin FCU and community members. The skatepark will be open to all ages and levels of experience with various bumps and rails for everyone. The skatepark would not be possible without Eglin FCU’s donation and their dedication to their community.

Oswego County Federal Credit Union

Oswego County FCU made a $2,500 donation to Fulton Block Builder (FBB). FBB is a program that helps provide homeowners recover some of the cost of their exterior property investment. The program also helps to promote neighborhood gratification, they want people to be proud of their neighborhoods. Oswego County FCU nearly doubled their donation from last year, which will make an even bigger impact on their community. 

Baylands Family Credit Union

Baylands FCU assembled “Hope Hygiene Kits” for children in Haiti. To celebrate National Volunteer Month, the staff at all of the Baylands FCU branches put together hygiene kits for the children. Supplies were donated by Heart Ministries and will be distributed to schools in Jacmel, Haiti. Baylands FCU wants to be able to make a positive impact, not just in their local communities, but anywhere they can. Hygiene is very important for children and will help the children in Haiti who may not have access to all the necessary hygiene supplies.

Center Parc Credit Union

Center Parc CU donated $3,500 to the Savannah Urban Garden Alliance. SUGA partners with local schools, farms, volunteers, and businesses to promote urban gardening practices and allow locals to have access to fresh, healthy food and produce. The large donation from Center Parc CU will provide SUGA’s School Garden manager program to 7 schools. The program allows students and teachers to garden and connect with their food to know where it comes from. Center Parc CU is helping their community not just financially, but going beyond that.

Western Cooperative Credit Union

Western Cooperative and its employees gathered food and hygiene products to donate to the Williston Salvation Army Food Pantry. They held a friendly competition between the teams. The winning team donated 388 items. Western Cooperative CU donated a total of 1,363 food and hygiene products, which equaled 1,725 pounds. Western Cooperative CU has made a big difference in their community.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

Thank you for reading this Humanitarian Highlight! It was great to see CUs focusing on the good during these challenging times. Please check out last week’s, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our products & services through our email or by phone (800) 537-9598.

On a final note, we have started a new feature, the Credit Union Roundup, and we hope you return tomorrow to see what is going on in the community and how CUs focus on the good within their communities continue every day!