Be a Hummingbird, Not a Gnat
Be a Hummingbird, Not a Gnat

In a commentary article posted on CU Management, our CEO, Richard Gallagher, discusses some great advice for leaders, especially in the credit union industry. After reading the article, you will understand why you want to be a hummingbird, not a gnat.

3 leadership lessons

The other day I had a few minutes to myself and found myself thinking about the difference between gnats and hummingbirds.

Gnats can be annoying. Okay, gnats are always annoying. I cannot remember a time where I thought to myself, “I am really grateful for that gnat.”) These insects move seemingly without purpose and love to hang around such strong scents as sweat and animals.

Now consider hummingbirds. They are not attracted to sweaty things at all. No, they love bright flowers that are full of life and provide nourishment. They flit and zip from one flower to the next in the blink of an eye. They take deep, long drinks from the flower, full of sweet nectar. The flower responds by producing more. The cycle is perpetual.

Richard Gallagher

To read more about how your credit union can increase its lending growth opportunities go check out the CU Management article and then check out our lending documents for your credit union.

(note: this is an older blog entry and has been edited since originally posted.)