Changes to Interest Rates and Forms in 2018 for Credit Unions
Changes to Interest Rates and Forms in 2018 for Credit Unions

In a commentary article posted on Credit Union Times our CEO, Richard Gallagher discusses how the Fed has made its resolution clear to increase rates. Are your forms prepared to handle it? Changes to interest rates and forms in 2018 are guaranteed, make sure your credit union is prepared for these changes. In the new year, interest rates are predicted to hike at least twice, each time your forms must undergo changes.

New business tax cuts, a new Federal Reserve chair, and low inflation set the stage for interest rate hikes going into 2018. Speculation projected three hikes last year, but only two occurred. This was no surprise to industry experts who surmised a third-rate hike would be unlikely because the economy was not in a position to support one. Most of the tax cuts set forth in President Trump’s tax plan would not take effect until 2018 and would affect businesses more so than consumers. Plus, inflation was a market factor and growth seemed to be slower than expected.

How Much the New Tax Cuts Will Affect Rate Hikes

Well, it is now 2018 and the tax plan just went into effect. Businesses are positioning themselves to take full advantage of their tax rate plummeting from 35% to 21%. That’s good news for them. It’s good news for the Feds too. The potential for interest rate hikes has directly increased as a result. Toward the end of 2017, many investors thought there might be only two hikes in 2018 because of inflation. The attitude of the markets certainly seemed to be positioned that way, and who could blame them? Sluggish inflation coupled with a sluggish growth rate usually means interest rates will remain the same.

Richard Gallagher

To read more about how your credit union can prepare for the changes to interest rates and forms in 2018, go check out the CU Times article and then check out our lending documents for your credit union.

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