In a commentary posted on Times our CEO, Richard Gallagher discusses how quickly is growing and the effects this growth has on credit unions. Credit Unions navigating mobile banking is somewhat of a new challenge, but there are plenty of solutions to keep up with the growth. This new form of payment processing not going away and credit unions navigating mobile banking will only be beneficial.

Consumers demand banking experiences that can keep pace with their lifestyles. That’s why there are so many different payment gateways. Consider the following list of giants. Entities like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Facebook Messenger, PayPal, and Venmo all exist to enhance peer-to-peer payment processing. They try to make the payment experience easy and seamless. The fewer steps required for a consumer to perform in order to send money, the better. The less that is required of them to interface with the application, the better. It has become the new marketplace standard.

These are points to consider when fine-tuning your application. Your members want three things … speed, ease, and security. It’s why bill payer services were so popular for a while. And while you might not think things have changed much, they have. New payment apps have substantially decreased the fees associated with bill pay services. In many instances, it costs nothing for a member to make a payment. Plus, they are less bulky and easier to use. It’s a true win-win for them.

Richard Gallagher

To read more about how your can navigate and the solutions, go check out the CU Times article and then check out our membership documents for your credit union.

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