Humanitarian Highlight 01.11.24

In this week’s #humanitarianhighlight, we follow credit unions that are always lending a helping hand. From handing out gifts to supporting local charities, these credit unions are truly making a difference in the communities in which they serve. 

Del-One Federal Credit Union

Del-One Federal Credit Union, through its Del-One Foundation, extended a helping hand with a generous donation of $3,500 to the Brain Injury Association of Delaware (BIADE). The organization provides support to those affected by brain injuries. The credit union invites readers to explore more about this vital work at

Power Financial Credit Union

Power Financial Credit Union joined forces with Neighbors 4 Neighbors for the Adopt a Family 4 the Holidays campaign. Enthusiastically, their team collected and delivered gifts to three wonderful families. Thank you, Power Financial CU for fostering a sense of joy and support during the holidays.

O Bee Credit Union

O Bee Credit Union demonstrated the Bite of Reality Fair at the Gravity Learning Center. In the app-based financial learning simulator, students are empowered to make budget-conscious decisions. The credit union’s enthusiasm for expanding this educational program emphasizes the importance of shaping financial literacy for the younger generation.

Barksdale Federal Credit Union

Barksdale Federal Credit Union generously brightened the holiday season for children in the court system by donating to CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) in Longview. The organization provides support to children who have faced abuse or neglect.  Thank you, Barksdale FCU, for lending a helping hand to children in need.

Taunton Federal Credit Union

Taunton Federal Credit Union contributed $250 to M.O. Life through their TFCU Dress Down Fund. Last month, the Taunton team selected local food pantries to receive donations for the holiday season. Another example of a credit union’s commitment to community well-being.

Azura Credit Union

Azura Credit Union proudly invested $1,000 in the USD 232 Education Foundation. The funds will go towards supporting various projects for teachers throughout the nation. A portion of the funds will go towards alleviating school lunch debt for students. Thank you, Azura Credit Union, for lending a helping hand to schools.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

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