Humanitarian Highlight 8.31.23

Credit unions play an essential role in their communities. Compared to banks, they are the angel investors of the community. In this week’s #humanitarianhighlight, we follow credit unions investing in the next generation.

Quincy Credit Union

Quincy Credit Union gifted 500 backpacks stuffed with supplies to Clifford Marshall Elementary School. The school will hand out the backpacks to students on September 7th. As a result of being well-supplied, students should have an easier time focusing on their studies.

Noble Credit Union

Noble Credit Union partnered with local businesses to donate over 1,000 pounds of school supplies. The credit union collected so many supplies by using donation boxes with the help of nearly 10 businesses. The credit union will distribute the supplies among students of three local schools. Thank you Noble Credit Union for investing in the next generation.

City of Boston Credit Union

City of Boston Credit Union participated in the Metro Boston Chapter Build-A-Bed event. Volunteers came together to build beds for children while supporting A Bed for Every Child.  

BlueOx Credit Union

In addition, BlueOx Credit Union gifted school supplies during their visit to Amberly Elementary School. The credit union wanted to make sure that classes were ready for the return of teachers and students this fall.

MSU Federal Credit Union

MSU Federal Credit Union donated $175,000 to Habitat for Humanity and the Detroit Public Theatre because of their assistance to those in need. The gift was made through The Desk Drawer Fund. Undeniably, their gift to the organization will benefit the communities in which they serve.

OTERO Federal Credit Union

Finally, OTERO Federal Credit Union teamed up with AFSA Chapter 1257 for their Annual Veterans Appreciation Dinner. As said before, credit unions are the angel investors of the community. Thank you for investing in the next generation.

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