Humanitarian Highlight 5.13.21

For this week’s Humanitarian Highlight, we want to take a look at CU’s dedication to their local communities. Is your credit union a stand-out when it comes to charity and community? Then hit us up on social media and let’s help get the word out on your good works!! From teachers to children and the most vulnerable let’s look at the community dedication CUs have for their communities.

Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union

Since 2012, Gulf Winds FCU has made an annual donation to the Children’s Miracle Network at Ascension Sacred Heart. This year Gulf Winds donated $10,626. The donation was achieved through the Gulf Winds staff donating weekly for a casual jeans day. Over the 9 years, Gulf Winds FCU has been donating to the Children’s Miracle Network at Ascension Sacred Heart, they have donated over $85,000. Their staff members’ dedication and generosity to help children and families is inspiring!

Sound Credit Union

Sound CU held their annual internal auction for Sound team members to raise money to help fight food insecurity in Western Washington. The auction had 120 items, raising over $8,000 and an additional $10,000 donation from Sound CU, making the total over $18,000. All of the donations will be going to Food Lifeline, a non-profit to end hunger in Western Washington. The amount raised will be able to provide over 91,000 meals to thousands of people in that region. Since the pandemic, Sound CU has been donating to local food banks and COVID relief centers, contributing over $200,000. Their dedication to helping their community during these times is very admirable!

FirstLight Federal Credit Union

FirstLight Federal Credit Union donated $80,000 to Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso in honor of National Financial Literacy Month. The generous donation will go towards scholarships and support programs at Texas Techs’ four El Paso schools. Over half of the donation will go towards annual scholarships.

Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union

Brazos Valley Schools Credit Union partnered up with local businesses to sponsor the Katy ISD “Teacher of the Year” annual event. For this virtual event, respected members of the community will honor the teachers chosen from the 73 Katy ISD campuses. The recognized teachers will receive a goodie bag of various items donated by local businesses as well as a $100 gift card. Recognizing teachers is a huge part of the Brazos Valley Schools CU community. Showing their appreciation and support for the teachers’ dedication makes for a stronger community.

Directions Credit Union

Recently, because of the pandemic, schools have been trying to see how they can incorporate outdoor learning into their lessons. With outdoor learning, masks can be taken off and improve focus for younger children in the setting. Springmill STEM Elementary School has been granted $10,000 from Directions Credit Union to build an outdoor classroom. A 3rd grade class at Springmill designed and came up with plans as to how the classroom could be built. Directions CU has also granted 2 other schools $10,000 for the same purpose. They have realized how beneficial outdoor education can be to children, especially during these times.

Land of Lincoln Credit Union

Land of Lincoln Credit Union has launched a new financial education program called “First Step Initiative.” LLCU has partnered up with 3 Springfield area high schools to help spread basic financial education at the high school level. The program is designed to prepare students at a basic level for managing their money, especially going into college. LLCU will donate to the schools annually, as well as host seminars at the schools to promote the program. The “First Step Initiative” is a great example of CUs dedicating their resources and knowledge to help educate future generations on the topic of money.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

Thank you for reading this Humanitarian Highlight! It was great to see CU’s dedication to their communities. Please check out last week’s, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our products & services through our email or by phone (800) 537-9598.