Humanitarian Highlight 5.6.21

CUs Spreading Compassion

For this week’s Humanitarian Highlight, we want to take a look at the credit unions spreading compassion in their communities. Compassion is contagious! Is your credit union a stand-out when it comes to charity and community? Hit us up on social media and let’s help get the word out on your good works!! From playgrounds to food banks and the most vulnerable let’s look at how CUs are spreading their compassion throughout their communities.

Firelands Federal Credit Union

Firelands FCU donated $10,000 to the Bucyrus Legacy Fund of Projects, Inc. in honor of celebrating 200 years of “Community Unity.” The donated money is going towards the development of Bucyrus’ Norton Bicentennial Multi-Generational Greenspace. The green space will be a trailhead where many activities, including a bike/walk pathway, a dog park, gardens, and many more will take place. The generous donation made by Firelands FCU is focused on helping their city and the communities within it.

Case Credit Union

CASE CU has donated $100,000 through their CASE Cares program to Lansing, Michigan’s first universally accessible playground. The main drive behind the project is that any child with or without a disability can play on it. What most people do not realize is that many playgrounds do not have much to offer for children with disabilities. In other words, the entire playground is specifically designed to be fit for any child. The project has raised $700,000 out of an estimated $1,500,000. Case CU Cares Program has made a huge impact on this project. The playground is projected to open next summer.

State Employee’s Credit Union

State Employees’ CU made a large, $2 million donation to the expansion of UNC Hospitals’ “Family House.” The SECU (after State Employees’ CU) Family House is a comfortable, affordable place for patients and families that are traveling to Chapel Hill for medical care to stay. After the expansion, the “Family House” now has 74 rooms available, nearly doubling the rooms. After 2 years of construction, the SECU Family House recently celebrated the opening of the Pine Wing. Thanks to State Employees’ CU, more patients, and their families have access to this incredible program.

Gerber Federal Credit Union

Gerber FCU donated 600 books across 9 school districts in Michigan. President/CEO of Gerber FCU, John Buckley, read Give It! virtually to 2nd-grade classrooms. The book is a fun way to introduce simple concepts of money. Certainly, children are never too young to start learning about the concept of money. The book was donated to students, teachers, and the library, which was 600 books in total. Gerber FCU’s generous donation will provide students with the resources to learn the critical concepts of money.

Workers Credit Union

Workers CU donated $10,000 to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank. Their annual campaign this year was to incentivize members to open up a savings account or set up an automatic transfer. If a member did one of these, Workers CU would donate $5 to the food bank. Under the current circumstances, the Merrimack Valley Food Bank has been aiding over 65,000 people per month. The large donation made a big impact at the Merrimack Valley Food Bank. Workers CU and their members continuously show a strong dedication to their community.

Black Hills Federal Credit Union

Black Hills FCU in Rapid City, South Dakota donated $1,800 to the HOPE Center, providing 3 days’ worth of services at HOPE. The HOPE Center facilitates basic and particular needs to members of their community. It is about $500 a day for service at HOPE, serving 200-250 people. As a result of their dedication to their various campaigns, Black Hills FCU was able to raise enough for 3 days of food and service, surpassing their goal of 2 days of service for the HOPE Center. Black Hills FCU and its members have shown a tremendous amount of compassion and dedication towards their community.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

Thank you for reading this week’s Humanitarian Highlight! It was great to see so many CUs spreading compassion throughout their communities. As you can see, compassion is very contagious within the CU community. Please check out last week’s, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our products & services through our email or by phone (800) 537-9598.