Humanitarian Highlight 4.29.21

For this week’s Humanitarian Highlight, we want to take a look at communities coming together to support their local businesses. Is your credit union a stand-out when it comes to charity and community? Then hit us up on social media and let’s help get the word out on your good works!! From zoos to children and the most vulnerable let’s look at how CUs are supporting their local businesses.

Charter Oak Federal Credit Union

Charter Oak FCU located in Waterford, Connecticut, donated $32,000 in emergency food assistance to some of eastern Connecticut’s food pantries and centers. Their large donation was able to help 16 different organizations across eastern Connecticut, making a big difference in their community. Charter Oak FCU was able to make its donation through Charter Oak’s Community Giving Program.

GCS Credit Union

GCS Credit Union donated $950 for Macoupin County CEO. They achieved this donation through their Growing Community Schools program. If a GSC employee makes a donation of $15 or more, they are able to wear jeans on Fridays and Saturdays of that month. Macoupin County CEO was the program of the month that GSC employees donated to. Macoupin County CEO is an education program that aims to prepare anyone but more specifically children, to be proactive in the economy for the future. GCS CU picks a new organization every month to donate to and month by month are helping out their local community.

First Source Federal Credit Union

First Source FCU has donated $3,000 to Irwin’s Fine Food, a local business in Utica, New York. The donations were made through the Be a Neighbor Fund. This fund allocates donations to small businesses recovering from the financial stresses of the pandemic. Irwin’s Fine Food is one of 5 small businesses that has received donations this week, totaling up to $27,000. Thanks, First Source FCU for being a community leader and helping out their local businesses during these trying times.

Elevations Credit Union

Elevations CU has been a key leader in the rebuilding of the Boulder community shortly after a tragic mass shooting occurred on March 22nd. Unfortunately, 10 lives were lost in the tragic experience. Fortunately, the Boulder community has come together during these trying times. With help from the Elevations Foundation and Elevations Credit Union, they offered to match donations up to $200,000 made to the families that lost their loved ones. The community donated $509,224, with the additional $200,000, they raised a total of $709,224. As a result of the successful campaign, the money is being divided between the 10 families that experienced loss during this tragedy. Our heart goes out to these families, the Boulder community, and Elevations Credit Union.

Maine Highlands Federal Credit Union

Since 1990, Maine Highlands FCU has been raising money each year for the Maine Credit Unions’ Campaign for Ending Hunger. Due to the circumstances of the pandemic, their fundraising strategies were different. Thanks to their creativity, employees, and members of Maine Highlands FCU, they were able to raise $17,000. The large donation was able to help 21 local food organizations. Despite the challenging year, Maine Highlands FCU was still able to donate a significant amount and help many in the process.

California Coast Credit Union

California Coast Credit Union held a campaign to help support local minority-owned businesses and raised $35,000 for those businesses. The campaign that California Coast CU held was to incentivize their members to shop locally. When members used their Cal Coast MasterCard (debit or credit), the proceeds went directly to Strategic Alliance. Strategic Alliance supports the local minority-owned businesses. The campaign raised $20,000 and California Coast CU donated $10,000. The $5,000 came from members of the community and it went directly to local organizations.

Connections Credit Union

The 89-year-old zoo, Zoo Idaho located in Pocatello, Idaho has officially opened for the season. This year they are introducing The Zoo Connections Entrance and Gift Shop. They are hoping this will be the new centerpiece for the zoo. Thanks to donations from Connections Credit Union, Zoo Idaho is hoping for more visitors with their new attractions that could be done as early as mid-summer. Connections CU made it possible for Zoo Idaho to complete these new attractions.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

Thank you for reading this Humanitarian Highlight! It was great to see so many CUs supporting their local businesses. Please check out last week’s, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions about our products & services through our email or by phone (800) 537-9598.