CU Events Roundup

Welcome to a new feature, where we will look at the Credit Union community and bring up some of the events we see going on. We love keeping tabs and participating in these credit union events. This is the CU Events Roundup Mar 12, 2021.

We are hopefully on the tail end of this pandemic that has disrupted so much, including the events that we often participate in for our industry.

GAC 2021

Oak Tree is currently putting together our prize packages for those who participated in our CUNA GAC prize drawing as we had sponsored a “Virtual Booth” at the 2021 GAC which took place online instead of the traditional Washington D.C. venue.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by, left a message, or submitted a raffle entry! We had so many who scanned their badge or reached out and so we are very pleased with how it came together. We do miss the traditional setting, but you don’t have to wait until next year if your credit union is seeking better lending documents or credit union membership forms that come as printed forms or web-based forms then just stop by our contact page or request a free sample so we can get you the best forms for your credit union!

At the GAC was the return of the annual Crash the GAC and a virtual Hike-the-Hill where credit union leaders had online video discussions with their elected representatives to help ensure that they are on board with the credit union movement in the United States.

This Past Week’s Events

Usually, we would have seen a luncheon from our friends at the King County Chapter of Credit Unions, but due to the current pandemic, it seems we didn’t have a March luncheon. We look forward to when these return! They do have their 2021 Golf Tournament coming up in June though, so we hope to hear more as we get closer to the event.

Tonight is the night for the Credit Union for Kids Wine Auction where you will be able to watch it live. Are you bidding?

Next Week’s Events

Next week it looks like there will be some great webinars from the Cooperative Credit Union Association, are you taking part or helping put these on? Let us know!

Coming Soon

Houston’s Credit Unions will soon be hosting their March Chapter Meeting, are you attending?

That does it for CU Events Roundup Mar 12, 2021. We hope you like this feature and we look forward to seeing how it can grow moving forward. If your credit union, credit union league, or credit union chapter has a big event coming up — drop us a comment!