World Kindness Week For 2020

When it comes to compliant forms and disclosures for credit unions, there is For more than 37 years, we have been the ones supplying the best forms for credit unions from membership documents to the forms for all lending needs. It is World Kindness Week 2020!

When it comes to building a community, there are credit unions, who are always finding ways to show the #CUDifference and helping people open their eyes to a with their many humanitarian efforts.

Let's celebrate World Kindness Day and the #creditunions that know how vital such kindness is! Since 1998 this holiday has spread across the globe. From a day to a week we know celebrate every November a chance to unite under a united flag of kindness.

There are so many wonderful ways to celebrate this week. You can write random notes of kindness for others, even strangers. Help do errands for those in need. Cook a meal for a loved one. Even a hug is enough to show others that you care. It doesn't have to be a huge action to show a little concern.

To see some great #HumanitarianHighlights where credit unions donate time, money, and other resources to help spread kindness every day you need to go to our Credit Union Blog! Did you do anything for World Kindness Week 2020?