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Once Upon a CU: Members and Financial Fables. Every is unique in ways that are generically defined by its FOM. Unfortunately, the basic facts and figures that define membership eligibility do not convey the magical community and beneficial services that can entice potential members to grow your financial realm. Building a narrative can change the imagery of facts and figures into metaphorical flowers and fairies. Tell a tale about your Credit Union Financial Fables today!

Here are a few steps to get story-telling:

Step 1: Create Your Timely Stories

Your has a rich history, a thriving present, and a limitless future. Before you continue to step two, take time to consider the special traits and qualities that made your institution what it is today and consider the possibilities of how it can connect to the bright future of your community. Take into account what makes your community special and identify connections in order to tell a story that you’re membership will want to engage in and pass on.

Step 2: Define Your Characters

A ’s members keep its story alive through the generations, they could/should be the hero/heroines of your Credit union story and their financial journey provides the parts of your narrative.

The antagonist (i.e. financial illiteracies, empty retirement funds, upcoming tuitions) will vary but is a strong tool in conveying a meaningful message for your credit union. Your is the slew of story aspects that create a happy ending for your protagonist members.

Step 3: Give Your Story to Your Members

Even though your narrative is so masterfully written it should be in the general curriculum along Homer’s, Odyssey was told through a sort of ‘banana-phone/campfire flare that depended upon the storyteller until someone decided it best to write it out.

Let your members have the story to tell and participate in. It may provide insight into characteristics that your didn’t realize or will shift importance on dramatic aspects of the narrative.

Business Systems Inc.’s team of creators and specialists can help you write out your story and build a strategy to get your pages read by potential members. Contact marketing services to discuss our marketing packages today by emailing