Lending Documents & Data Processors

Credit Union Lending Documents and Data Processors

Are you considering a data processor switch? If so, there are several things to consider in order to ensure the process goes smoothly. Following these steps will make the transition efficient and minimize any headaches.

Three Questions for Data Migration Success

So you are planning a switch and need to know where to start? Answering these three questions is a good start.

When? Timeline is an important matter to consider. You never want to wait until it is close to the time for your contract to expire. Waiting gives the vendor all the power. Ultimately, it creates a scenario where the credit union may decide to stay even if switching is better because it is easier and less stressful. To prevent this, create a 24-month timeline and stick to it.

Who? There are many factors to ponder when making a switch. The infrastructure and technology of the potential vendor are huge considerations. Understanding these will let you know how well they fit in with your credit union’s goals and strategy. Also, you need to consider things like continuity and disaster recovery with respect to compliance.

How? All parties involved by the switch need to be aware of the what, why, and when. The best strategy is for credit union leadership to inform employees regarding the change and why it is necessary. Newsletters, email updates, and meetings are a great way to keep employees in the loop. Nobody likes flying blind during a core provider change.

Core Processing Compliance and Forms

Remember, before you worry about forms, check how long the forms provider has been in business and that their forms integrate with any core processor. Your credit union needs to make sure all fields are mapped correctly. Furthermore, check that these forms are up to date regarding all state and federal regulations.

Also, attending data processor conferences is a great way to get hands-on experience and learn about new technology updates from core processing vendors.

Take a look at these recent conferences:
April 17-19, 2018 Fiserv Forum Las Vegas, NV
May 8-9, 2018 Correlation 2018 Client Conference San Deigo, CA
August 27 – 30, 2018 Symitar 2018. San Diego, CA

Any of these would be worth attending. Know one that didn’t make our list? Let us know so we can keep you informed!

Choosing Who to Integrate Lending Documents With

What can we say? Oak Tree is already certified with many data processors, with more in the queue as changes and upgrades are made. Change and adaptation are the nature of data processor migration. Our compliant forms, your data processor’s choice.

We have walked with many credit unions through a core processor switch.

To lighten the load a bit, Oak Tree forms integrate with any data processor. Here is a list of common processors we support and a list of core processors:

If you have questions about your forms in relation to the switch, give us a call. We will answer them and put your concerns to rest. Switching core processors is a huge undertaking as it is. Forms compliance should not be an issue to lose sleep over during the change.

In-House Data Linking Services 

Jack Henry/Symitar

  • Episys
  • Symforms
  • SymPDF


  • Finastra – (Previously known as Ultradata)
  • FSP
  • Alps Forms – (the lending side of FSP (Financial Services Platform) /Finastra)
  • Front Office Forms – (the membership side of FSP (Financial Services Platform)/Finastra)

PDF Packages

  • Globally Linked Packages
  • Individual Forms with Fields
  • Smart PDF Forms (SmartForms: PDF with fillable fields) Globally linked Adobe Acrobat Reader enabled .pdf packages & Standalone Adobe Acrobat Reader enabled .pdf forms with fields


  • USERS Data Safe/Smart Term/Laser Forms
  • DataSafe
  • SmartTerm-
  • LaserForms
  • DocumentIt Encore / LoanCierge
  • LoanCierge
  • DocumentIt
  • DNA (Fiserv)
  • XP-2


  • XP-2 (XP2 Release 2)


  • FICS (Financial Industry Computer Systems, Inc.)

…and more

Compatible Data Processors

  • Accenture Mortgage Cadence
  • Accenture Mortgage Cadence (Mortgage Click)
  • Advantage
  • Aftech
  • Akcelerant
  • AMI Information Systems
  • Apex Data Systems
  • Bluepoint Solutions
  • Bottomline Technologies
  • Bradford-Scott Data Corp.
  • Bradford-Scott Data Corporation 
  • Calyx Software
  • COCC
  • Commercial Business Systems, Inc (CBS, Camsby)
  • CompuSource Systems, Inc
  • Corelation, Inc (Jack Henry)
  • Credit Union On-Line, Inc (CUOL)
  • CRIF Lending Solutions (APPRO)
  • CRIF Lending Solutions (APPRO, Teres Solution, SAIL)
  • CU Interface
  • CU Network (Symitar)
  • CU*Answers
  • CU*NorthWest
  • CU*South
  • CUBE
  • CUC, Inc
  • CU-Centric LLC
  • CUDL (CUDirect) – Lending 360
  • CUDP –CUProdigy
  • Cunify
  • CUProdigy (CUDP)
  • CUSA Tech Inc
  • CuServ Eveolution – D+H
  • CUtopia
  • D+H
  • Data Intel
  • Data Systems of Texas
  • Datamatic Processing
  • DataSafe
  • DNA
  • DocMagic, Inc.
  • DocuTech Corporation
  • E-Form, Inc
  • Encompass – Ellie Mae
  • Enhanced Software Products, In. (ESP Solution)
  • EPL, Inc
  • ERS – Electronic Recordkeeping Services
  • Evergent Solutions LLC
  • FedComp, Inc
  • FICS
  • FinanceGenius,Inc
  • Finastra (D+H Financial Technologies)
  • FIS- Mercury (MISER)
  • Fiserv
  • Fiserv – AccountCreate
  • Fiserv – Advantage (Aftech)
  • Fiserv – CUnify platform
  • Fiserv – CUSA Technologies Incorporated
  • Fiserv – DataSafe
  • Fiserv – Galaxy
  • Fiserv – IntegraSys Loancierge/Encore
  • Fiserv – On-CU (OnCU)
  • Fiserv – Open Solutions – FiTech, LLC.
  • Fiserv – Open Solutions – IA Systems
  • Fiserv – Open Solutions – Sound Software
  • Fiserv – Open Solutions/DNA
  • Fiserv – Spectrum & Acumen
  • Fiserv – Summit Information Systems On Line
  • Fiserv – XP2 Systems
  • FiTech LLC
  • FORMation
  • FORMation d/o Problem Solved
  • Forms Design, Inc.
  • Forum Solutions
  • Galaxy
  • GBS/Sharetec Systems, Inc. 
  • GBS/Shartec
  • Gulf Data Systems (CU Answers)
  • Gunther Computer Systems, Inc.
  • IA Systems
  • iMM Integrated Media Management
  • Information Management Solutions
  • Innovative Technology, Inc.
  • IntegraSys
  • Intuit Financial Services
  • Member Driven Technologies (MDT)
  • MeridianLink, Inc
  • Mortgage+Care
  • Northern Data Systems
  • oFlows Incorporated 
  • OnBase – Hyland
  • On-CU
  • Open Solutions
  • PFP
  • R C Olmstead, Inc
  • Sageworks
  • Share One, Inc
  • Sharetec Systems Inc
  • SmartStep Solutions
  • Sound Software
  • Spectrum & Acumen
  • Summit Information Systems On-Line
  • Symitar – Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
  • Symitar Systems, Inc. – SymPDF
  • Symitar Sytems, Inc (Jack Henry & Associates ·Inc., SymPDF)
  • Synergent Corp
  • Systronics, Inc
  • TCI (Teledata Communications, Inc.)
  • Temenos
  • TOTAL/1 Services Corp.
  • United Solution – OnCore XP2
  • Vision XXI
  • Wayne Macpherson (CRIterion)
  • XP2Systems

…and more

If you have questions about your forms in relation to the switch, give us a call. We will answer them and put your concerns to rest. Switching core processors is a huge undertaking as it is. Forms compliance should not be an issue to lose sleep over during the change. 

Call us at (800) 537-9598 to learn more on how we can help your credit union.