Humanitarian Highlight 3.03.22

It’s Thursday, and we have put together another #HumanitarianHighlight, where we show how credit union love conquers all – as it drives donations to help the homeless, those in need, and others suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Neighborhood Credit Union

Neighborhood Credit Union donated $32,478.04 to Children’s Health, a charity dedicated to helping “make life better for children.” They raised these funds with two different programs during the 2021 holiday season, as they had done in previous years. During October, they sold BOO yard signs, and through the rest of the year, they offered a skip-a-payment program, where members could skip a monthly payment on one of their loans and donate $35 or more to Children’s Health. They have now donated to this charity for 26 years in a row.

Northwest Federal Credit Union

In Virginia and Maryland, all of Northwest Federal Credit Union’s branches participated in a friendly “Souper Bowl” competition to bring awareness to an important cause. Employees of the CU exchanged donations to vote for the team of their choice and collected 12,640 food items in the process. The NWFCU Foundation’s Food for Kids Drive partners with Giant Food in these efforts and also accepts donations through their Amazon Wish List. The drive will continue in NW branches through March 31, 2022!

Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union

The AISD Homeless Liaison Closet is a charity that provides necessary supplies and clothing for the many homeless students in Abilene, TX. There are around 1,200 students in Abilene that are currently classified as being homeless, which means that at the very least, they are not able to get the most basic needs for school. If you would like to help, they are in desperate need of jeans that are new or slightly used. You may contact Darrin Cox at 325-725-3682 for more information.

Fox Communities Credit Union

Last month at a Green Bay Gambler’s hockey game, the team hosted its second annual “We Gotcha’ Girl” event, where they asked fans to donate hygiene products and monetary contributions for those in need. The fans were able to win gift cards and autographed merchandise from the Gamblers and Fox Communities CU.

WesTex Credit Union

For Valentine’s Day, WesTex CU hosted their “Love Conquers Alz” campaign to raise donations to help the Alzheimer’s Association support those facing the disease. They raised more than $1,200, as many donated a minimum of $10 to deliver handmade valentines to those with dementia living in nursing homes around the Lubbock area. You can make your donation through this link.

Dort Financial Credit Union

To help two local charities, Dort Financial CU held its annual “Snowman Sales” at the end of 2021. A total of $21,193 was divided between the Shelter of Flint and Voice for Children for their humanitarian causes. To participate in this charity, members could purchase paper snowmen and have them displayed in the branch to show what a difference is being made in the community. Dort FCU has contributed to this campaign for more than 20 years, now!

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

We love finding these great deeds of charity performed by credit unions every week. No cause is too small or too big for us to spotlight. 2022 has just begun, and yet we feel so much has happened already. We had great success in our Limited-Time Offer, and we had a great time with our CUNA GAC Raffle that awarded one of our biggest prizes ever – an iPad Pro! We are just getting started, and we can’t wait to show you what is next.

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