Humanitarian Highlight 1.13.22

This week's #HumanitarianHighlight is on that are keeping warm with . It might be getting warm already in certain states, but sometimes the world can feel cold regardless! But credit unions are still warming hearts with wonderful acts of charity. Here's a few examples of credit unions doing just that!

Greater Texas Federal Credit Union

Greater Texas gave hundreds of gift cards to five different states to help with recovery after the terrible tornadoes that hit the southeast region of the United States. Over $15,000 worth of gift cards were distributed to the five states, and the funds will be used by victims to purchase gas, food, clothing and other supplies.

Decatur Earthmover Credit Union

Decatur Earthmover Credit Union donated $14,350 in total to two different local organizations. The Good Samaritan Inn and the Salvation Army received $5,925, whereas Hopes and Dreams of Paris, IL received $2,500. The donations were raised through the credit union's Christmas loan campaign, in which 4% of the total dollar amount of Christmas loans went toward nonprofit organizations.

Utilities Employees Credit Union

For the 25th consecutive year, Utilities Employees Credit Union donated to the United Way, a nonprofit that focuses on families and poor individuals in the local community. The donation this year, a very generous $37,445, will fund various United Way initiatives and programs, such as one that aims to aid families transitioning out of homelessness.

Tyndall Federal Credit Union

Tyndall Federal Credit Union announced they will be returning over $11 million of profits to qualifying members. The amount was distributed between 50,000 people directly into their accounts, with individual amounts ranging from $50 to $4,000.

Hudson River Community Credit Union

Hudson River Community Credit Union has donated $20,000 to two separate Capital Region youth centers. The Saratoga Regional YMCA Corinth Branch After School Enrichment Program and the Glens Falls Area Youth Center were the two recipients that received $10,000 each.

Compass Federal Credit Union

Compass Federal Credit Union donated more than $12,000 to local schools to help pay for clothing items such as hats, mittens, snow hats, shoes, and more. Twenty-two schools were selected for the cause, with each school getting a check toward the cause.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

As we march on through these colder months, we can rest assured that credit unions continue to warm us all with charitable acts. Let's hear it for credit unions keeping warm with charity.

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