Humanitarian Highlight 12.9.21

This week’s #HumanitarianHighlight is on CUs demonstrating compassion. Compassion is an important part of the holiday spirit, so as we approach the end of this year, let’s look at some credit unions that are keeping that spirit alive.

Envision Credit Union

Envision Credit Union donated over $12,000 to local charities through its “Jeans for Charity” program. The program encourages employees to get involved by allowing them to wear jeans to work on Friday in exchange for a $1 donation to the charity.

Eastman Credit Union

Eastman Credit Union announced a 10-year commitment to donate a total of $1 million to Ballad Health Foundation. The donation will be split between three regional projects that aim to enhance the quality and amount of services provided to Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. The services will largely be focused on Pediatric, Perinatal, Neonatal, and family care.

Summit Credit Union

Summit Credit Union will be giving a sizeable $2 million donation to upcoming nonprofit The Center for Black Excellence and Culture, which is focused on building wealth and improving lives within the black community. The center aims to open in 2023 and will provide education and collaboration for aspiring talent and recruiters in Madison, Wisconsin.

All In Credit Union

All In Credit Union announced that ten charitable organizations will be awarded more than $140,000 in grants. The individual grants will be split up between the ten charitable organizations as part of the credit union’s annual holiday tradition, now in its fourth consecutive year.

Spire Credit Union

Spire Credit Union announced it would match up to $25,000 in donations made by its members. The donations are made through NetGiver, a donation platform that takes zero fees from incoming donations. The donation program is ongoing until the end of the year.

Foothill Credit Union

Foothill Credit Union gave $3,000 as part of its annual Medical Career Advancement Scholarship program. The 2021 award was given to Ijeoma N., who is currently employed in the City of Hope as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. The scholarship aims to provide monetary support to medical professionals looking to improve their careers.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

Oak Tree Business Systems is proud to support the wonderful displays of compassionate giving that credit unions love to provide. We hope you enjoy these examples of credit unions demonstrating compassion!

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