Humanitarian Highlight 12.2.21

This week’s #HumanitarianHighlight is on engaging in altruistic giving. We’re approaching the end of the year and these credit unions are giving everything they can in support of the season!

Credit Union of Colorado

During the of Colorado’s annual Here to Help Day, over 180 volunteers worked for nearly 20 nonprofit organizations in the state of Colorado. The credit union also gave $9,000 in total donations toward the volunteer work at these nonprofits.

TruMark Financial Credit Union

TruMark Financial gave a combined amount of $10,000 to several nonprofit and local organizations to aid in the recovery of Hurricane Ida. The efforts are largely concentrated in Southeast Pennsylvania’s recovery as part of a constant commitment by TruMark Financial Credit Union to improve the community.

Vermont Federal Credit Union

Vermont Federal gave over $14,000 to various nonprofit organizations in recognition of the “Giving Tuesday” movement, a charitable viral event that takes place the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The credit union also partnered with local radio stations to host and advertise the 12th annual Feed Your Neighbor food drive.

GCS Credit Union

WGCS also participated in the Giving Tuesday movement. The employees of the credit union pledged $17,053.56 and the board of directors pledged to match the amount, leading to a combined donation of $34,107.12 to multiple nonprofits and charitable organizations.

Clearwater Credit Union

Clearwater donated $50,000 to local nonprofits that are working to combat climate change. The donations will be split between Montana Environmental Information Center, Northern Plains Resource Council, Montana Conservation Voters, National Center for Appropriate Technology, Climate Smart Missoula, and Families for a Livable Climate.

CoVantage Credit Union

SCoVantage announced through the CoVantage Cares Foundation the start of their annual two-week fundraising campaign. The campaign is also tied to the Giving Tuesday movement and aims to match donations of up to $175,000. The total donation will be distributed between several local nonprofits chosen by members and foundation members, including the United Way of Langdale County in Antigo.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

Business Systems is proud to outline these giving altruistically, and as we ramp up to the end of 2021, we know we’ll see far more credit unions participate in charity!

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