Humanitarian Highlight 11.4.21

Humanitarian Highlight 11.4.21

This week’s #HumanitarianHighlight is on credit unions improving lives. It’s always important for a credit union to improve the lives of its members and the community the credit union serves. Here are a few examples of CUs Improving Lives the best that they can.

Texas Trust Credit Union

As part of a constant initiative to encourage Mansfield Independent School District employees, this credit union awarded $250 to several employees who “demonstrate excellence in supporting students and staff members”. Four staff members each year will receive the check after being formally recognized at a board meeting.

Leominster Credit Union

Leominster Credit Union presented a check for $5,000 to a nonprofit organization responsible for mentoring and raising healthy and confident men and women. Fathering Fathers, Inc hopes to encourage growth and preparation for local youths in the changing world, and the check will go towards that goal.

A+ Federal Credit Union

The Lake Travis Independent School District received $5,887 from A+ Federal Credit Union, as part of the union’s “cashback reward” program. The program allows members to contribute a portion of their account transactions to the school of their choice. Lake Travis, in particular, has been rewarded over $16,000 this year alone.

Access Community Credit Union

This credit union donated $1,000 to 20 different nonprofit organizations in the Amarillo area of Texas. Ten of the recipients were nominated by staff at Access Community Credit Union, whereas the other ten were nominated by social media followers. Access Community Credit Union will have donated almost $300,000 back to the Amarillo community by the end of the year.

FirstLight Federal Credit Union

FirstLight Federal Credit Union hosted its Inaugural Golf Classic with the goal of raising $50,000, and instead raised $80,000 thanks to the efforts of sponsors and participants. The proceeds will go to the area scholarships in El Paso and Las Cruces, as part of a growing initiative to support scholarships in the area.

Valley Strong Credit Union

Valley Strong Credit Union contributed $2,000,000 to Bakersfield College, all in the interest of bolstering the school’s energy initiative program. The program aims to provide job training for energy companies and increase Kern County’s reputation as a leader in energy development.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

We appreciate all credit unions that are focused on improving lives, and applaud these listed few who are doing their part.

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