Humanitarian Highlight 9.23.21

This week’s #HumanitarianHighlight is on CUs giving students the inspiration to improve. They provide this inspiration through helpful grants and scholarships to people in the community they serve. Here are some examples of Credit Unions that do what they can every day to inspire improvement.

Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union

This credit union donated thousands of school supplies using a Back to School Drive. Over a three-week period, the campaign donated almost 3,000 school supplies through collection events in its Branch locations. The donations were specifically donated to CityTeam’s Backpacks for Success program, which provides much-needed backpacks and school supplies to low-income students.

Leominster Credit Union

Leominster Credit Union donated several laptops to Perkins, a human services agency in Lancaster that serves special education needs as well as general welfare for children and adults. The laptops will replace aging units and help Perkins to increase their productivity.

Listerhill Credit Union

This credit union gave a large donation of school supplies to iAcademy at Athens Elementary. A list of needed supplies was provided to the credit union’s branches for employees to contribute to. The school supplies included glue sticks and crayons, as well as gift cards for additional purchases a teacher might need.

Indiana Members Credit Union

The Indiana Members Foundation announced Katelyn Sadlon as the recipient of a $2,500 scholarship. The scholarship comes from the Ron Collier Family Collegiate Scholarship Program, which is awarded annually to senior students attending New Palestine High School.

Tinker Federal Credit Union

Tinker Federal Credit Union has announced a 2021 scholarship giveaway for the Oklahoma area that will give $7,500 to three lucky students. The announcement was done in celebration of the credit union’s 75 year anniversary. Applicants are advised to enter soon, as the three winners will be randomly drawn.

Defense Credit Union Council

At the DCUC 2021 Annual Conference, the Defense Credit Union Council announced that they raised over $25,000 for the Southeastern Guide Dogs. The fundraiser was held over the course of the four-day conference and invited members, guests and event sponsor to contribute to the cause. The donation will contribute to the Southeastern Guide Dog’s aim of training and facilitating partnerships between disabled and veteran individuals who need support.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

That concludes this week’s Humanitarian Highlight! These credit unions’ charitable acts definitely give students the inspiration to improve.

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