Humanitarian Highlight 9.9.21

This week’s #HumanitarianHighlight is on credit unions concentrated on bolstering recreation, charity, and education. These credit unions encourage the best out of the community and have shown a clear commitment to helping animals, people and organizations to be so much more.

Midwest Members Credit Union

This credit union donated $640 to Hope Animal Rescue, a local non-profit that saves dogs from animal control facilities and pushes for adoption and rehabilitation. They also educate on spay and neutering to reduce abandoned pet numbers. Midwest Members Credit Union funded this donation through a Jeans Day program where donations were funded through the incentive of a casual Friday/Saturday.

Garden Island Federal Credit Union

Garden Island Federal Credit Union donated $1,600 in gift cards to Parent Community Networking Center in the interest of helping the center’s financially vulnerable children. The cards will be distributed among several centers to be used in the event of student problems, such as lacking funds for school supplies.

Bowater Credit Union

Bowater Credit Union granted union member Amanda Rogers a $1,000 “Pay It Forward” prize to contribute to a non-profit of her choosing. She chose Wild River Retreat, an organization that provides youth groups with recreational activities. Up to five of these “Pay-It Forward” prizes are awarded each year for Bowater Credit Union members. The campaign is ongoing, and Bowater Credit Union members are currently invited to vote on their favorite non-profit organization to donate the reward to.

Coast Central Credit Union

This credit union, in sponsoring the Sequoia Park Zoo Foundation, gave a $4,000 contribution to the zoo. Coast Central Credit Union recently announced that they had the honor of being the zoo’s first sponsor, and proudly shared the story on social media. In return, the zoo’s Launch Deck will have a Coast Central Credit Union panel as a testament to their generous contribution.

Maine State Credit Union

Maine State Credit Union awarded roughly $100,000 in scholarships to Maine students. The money was split between 64 scholarships, of which a majority went to students studying trade skills at the Maine Community College System. The donation was due to the Normand Dubreuil Scholarship Fund, which was started in memory of the former CEO Normand R. Dubreuil. It is funded through annual donations by the credit union.

Beacon Credit Union

This credit union presented five non-profit and charitable organizations in northeast Indiana with grants totaling $28,700. The chosen organizations are: Cultivate Culinary School and Catering; Indiana Dream Center; East Allen Family Resource Center DBA LEARN Resource Center; Alliance Industries; and Parkview Huntington Family Young Men’s Christian Association. The grants are given on a bi-yearly basis and organizations are encouraged by Beacon Credit Union to apply by November 30th.

Southern Illinois University Credit Union

Southern Illinois University Foundation announced that the Southern Illinois University Credit Union will be supporting the creation of a new event center. The credit union donated $500,000 towards the construction of the SIU Credit Union Event Center at Touch of Nature. The center plans to provide recreational and physical activities for community members to engage in.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

All credit unions give to their community, and all types of donations – big or small – help foster a wonderfully strong relationship between the credit union and the surrounding area. Still, it is always worthwhile to spotlight credit unions that go big for charity.

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