Going Big in Charity

Humanitarian Highlight 9.2.21

This week’s #HumanitarianHighlight is on credit unions going big in charity. These particular organizations gave significant amounts to help members and the surrounding community. Let’s take a second to recognize the generous contributions these credit unions have made!

Prospera Credit Union

This credit union contributed $500,000 towards the Prospera Foundation (previously known as the Westminster Savings Foundation). The Foundation was created as a means of supporting local non-profit programs and projects, especially those that aim to help local business or support health and education.

Credit Union of Southern California

Credit Union of Southern California, as part of its mission to “Build Better Lives,” donated a combined amount of more than $200,000 to 24 different charitable organizations based in Southern California. The individual donations ranged from $1,000 to $45,000, with a majority going to charitable organizations based out of the Whittier area.

Tulsa Teachers Credit Union

Multiple schools in Oklahoma received individual donations totaling over $144,000, thanks to a charitable donation given to the Owasso Education Foundation. This donation was bestowed by the TTCU Federal Credit Union as a way of improving the lives of local students.

Listerhill Credit Union

Listerhill Credit Union donated $25,000 toward upgrading portions of the Athens State Reading Lab, with the purpose of providing accurate training for new teachers, as well as opportunities for learning and recreational reading for students.

New England Federal Credit Union

The Burlington Hope Lodge, a location managed by the American Cancer Society, received a $20,000 donation from New England Federal Credit Union. The lodge offers 17 guest rooms that provide convenient lodging for the relatives of cancer patients being treated at nearby facilities.

YOLO Federal Credit Union

This credit union donated $10,000 to the Davis Phoenix Coalition, an organization that provides education, awareness, and civic events to foster diverse and accepting communities. The aim of the organization is to cultivate understanding between community members who have different perspectives.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

All credit unions give to their community, and all types of donations – big or small – help foster a wonderfully strong relationship between the credit union and the surrounding area. Still, it is always worthwhile to spotlight credit unions that go big for charity.

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