Humanitarian Highlight 7.22.21 | Economic Recovery and Fostering Growth

Humanitarian Highlight 7.22.21

The last year has not been easy for many, but are doing their part to help out. This week, our focus for Humanitarian Highlight is on credit unions that are pushing for economic recovery and fostering growth in their communities. Whether through scholarships, community , or even making positive changes within their own organizations; here are a few credit unions that are doing their part to help the world recover and grow.

Mass Mutual Federal Credit Union

In keeping with a longstanding tradition for the , MassMutual recently awarded $20,000 in college scholarships to several outstanding students. Each of the ten selected students will receive $2,000 individually, to be put to use in their first year at a college of their choice.

Lookout Credit Union

This credit union, in addition to the efforts of the Idaho Falls firefighters and other donors, helped raise a record-breaking donation (almost $50,000 total) toward the treatment of muscular dystrophy. Lookout Credit Union donated $1,000 toward the goal, a significant portion of the total drive donation.

Michigan Legacy Credit Union

As public discourse over minimum wage mounts, one credit union has made waves in a decision to increase base pay from $13 an hour to $16 – a 23% pay increase. This change will apply immediately to current staff and new hires of the credit union, in the interest of allowing staff to earn a livable wage for the area.

St. Jean's Credit Union

Following a successful previous grant allotment, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston Jobs for New England Recovery Grant Program gave St. Jean's Credit Union an additional $50,000 in grant money. This grant was quickly distributed to six small businesses and nonprofit organizations in the interest of supporting the selected companies after the events of the last year.

Gesa Credit Union

With over $100,000 in a shared grant pool, Gesa Credit Union is giving away a maximum of $5,000 per approved grant application. The grants are being awarded as part of a newly created Local Heroes Grant Program, which aims to support local heroic and selfless organizations in areas where Gesa Credit Union operates.

American 1 Credit Union & TRUE Community Credit Union

After a few years of planning, a YMCA building in Jackson, Michigan will finally be moving to construction. Several prominent companies and nonprofit organizations contributed to the creation of this facility, two of which are the American 1 Credit Union and the TRUE Community Credit Union. Both credit unions, as well as other significant donors, will receive naming rights for particular rooms in the facility.

New York Credit Union Association

Several credit unions in the New York Credit Union Association have pooled together a joint donation of $30,000 to Cohen Children's Hospital. A charity golf outing has been held for the last twenty-eight years but was canceled due to the events of the last year. Instead, the NYCUA pooled together a donation that was equal in size to the previous years. This large donation was made toward supporting the treatment of diabetes at a pediatric level.

Oak Tree Business Systems, Inc.

Economic recovery and growth are not going to be easy, but credit unions have always been dedicated to serving the community, no matter how difficult the problem. These credit unions are a small portion of the people dedicated to helping the local community.

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