CU Events Roundup
CU Events Roundup

Welcome to this week’s CU Events Roundup for Mar. 19, 2021, where we will look at the Credit Union community and bring up some of the events we see going on. We love keeping tabs and participating in these credit union events. CU Events Roundup Mar 19, 2021.

We are hopefully on the tail end of this pandemic that has disrupted so much, including the events that we often participate in for our industry.

Louisiana’s Credit Union Connect

An annual event we like to keep up on and try to help out is the Credit Union Connect put on by the Louisiana Credit Union League and it is often around this time. Turns out it has been canceled for 2021, but we look forward to its return in 2022!

Check out their site for other upcoming events, though — including their 2021 Louisiana GAC.

This Past Week’s Events

There were a lot of roundtable discussions and annual meetings, so we can’t keep track of them all — but feel free to let us know how your Credit Union’s Annual Meeting or event went in the comments or our social media. We love engaging with credit unions!

Did you see that the NAFCU held their Annual Regulatory Compliance School event as a virtual event, did you participate?

Not exactly “credit union” related, but how was your St. Patrick’s Day? Did your credit union do anything special?

Next Week’s Events

Next week it looks like there will be the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council as a Virtual Conference, will you be participating? You know how much Oak Tree values marketing, and we know your credit union will only see its membership rosters grow with the right credit union marketing and the best credit union forms!

Coming Soon

Houston’s Credit Unions will soon be hosting their March Chapter Meeting, are you attending?

That does it for CU Events Roundup on Mar 19, 2021. We hope you like this feature and we look forward to seeing how it can grow moving forward. If your credit union, credit union league, or credit union chapter has a big event coming up — drop us a comment or hit us up on social media.