Humanitarian Highlight 9/24/2020 | New Heights

Humanitarian Highlight 9/24/2020

Welcome back to another #HumanitarianHighlight!! In today’s blog, we have many different credit unions that have contributed many types of actions to help out their communities. We couldn’t be more inspired by all the credit unions mentioned, which have inspired us to also take part in local food drives! So, thank you to all the credit unions taking humanitarianism to new heights!

Belco Community Credit Union

Caring for everyone around their community, Belco Community CU sponsored lunch for 60 students in The Salvation Army Summer Youth Enrichment Program. This is an absolutely incredible gesture. Thank you, Belco Community CU!

Nuvision Credit Union

Nuvision CU has been helping its members maintain financial security as part of their NuvisionCares program, all throughout the COVID crisis. The credit union teamed up with Think Together’s Shalimar Learning Center (an afterschool resource center for students who are from low-income families), to collect non-perishable foods and household items, diapers, and formula for the families who are in the program.

“We collected a large amount of food which benefited over 120 families. Every Nuvision branch participated. Our drop-off locations were also visited by numerous first responders and Costa Mesa Mayor Katrina Foley, who stopped by to bring some canned goods in support of the initiative.

We’re grateful to have been able to assist these families at a time when they need it most. These kids are going to be the next generation of hard workers in our community, and we want to make sure they have everything they need to learn, grow, and build their futures.” Nuvision CU

Also for the members in their Alaska branch, Nuvision was able to donate 3,300 pounds of food and raise $3,000 for the TCL’s Summer Meal Kit Program.

“From July 6th to the 31st, we collected donations at all branch locations. Every family who participated in The Children’s Lunchbox program received two snacks and two dinners per child, along with a pantry box that contains breakfast, lunch, and dinner for four.” Nuvision CU

Read the whole BLOG!

Utilities Employees Credit Union

Let’s give a shout out to the Utilities Employees CU employees for putting together and supplying goodie bags to be delivered to the United Community Services to help out their Unity in the Community event.

“United Community Services is committed to providing quality programs to meet the needs of Berks County residents. With the help of its many partners, UCS is able to offer programs that link individuals to workforce development opportunities reducing the risk of sustained poverty. In addition, UCS provides information and referral for individuals who are not eligible for programs, or need additional assistance…

UCS has gathered resources beneficial to connecting with partners and other agencies for anything ranging from help with the insurance marketplace and/or job searching.” United Community Services

Mass Bay Credit Union

Mass Bay CU took the time to deliver 400 of their backpacks full of school supplies to Francis W. Parker Elementary School! This is such a nice gesture and we are so proud of you all!

Marine Federal Credit Union

How awesome is this?! Marine FCU supplied 350 backpacks that were filled with school supplies to be given out to military children!

McCoy Federal Credit Union

Did someone say special delivery? McCoy FCU’s employees have done a fantastic job in making sure that the students from Lancaster Elementary School had the school supplies they needed before the year started. Way to go #CUfamily!

Coastal Community And Teachers Credit Union

Now, this is just wonderful! The Young Professionals group from the Coastal Community And Teachers Credit Union collected donations and acquired items for The Purple Door nonprofit organization. Outstanding job, everyone!

“The Purple Door is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Corpus Christi, Texas. Our agency provides FREE services to victims and survivors of family violence and sexual assault throughout a 12-county region of South Texas. We offer support and empowerment to individuals through safe shelter, non-residential services/programs, and outreach.

All services are confidential and available free of charge to victims and survivors staying at the shelter and those residing elsewhere in the communities we serve.” The Purple Door

Click HERE to learn more!

Hope Credit Union

A blog from their website:

“Netflix Invests $10 Million in HOPE to Build Economic Opportunity in Black Communities

JACKSON, MS – Netflix today announced a $10 million deposit in Hope Credit Union as one of the first investments in a $100 million initiative to build economic opportunity in Black communities. The investment is among the first made by Netflix in financial institutions and other organizations that directly support Black communities in the U.S.

The Netflix investment in HOPE will be in the form of a Transformational Deposit. In each Deep South state served by HOPE, for every dollar in net worth held by white households, Black households hold between ten and twenty cents. Through Transformational Deposits, HOPE imports funds into these capital-starved communities to make business, mortgage, and consumer loans and provide other financial services that build wealth and foster economic mobility. Over the next two years, HOPE estimates the Netflix deposit will support financing to more than 2,500 entrepreneurs, homebuyers, and consumers of color.”


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