, We're Here to Help You Adapt

Credit Unions, We're Here to Help You Adapt
Credit Unions, We're Here to Help You Adapt

The current situations are new and can be troubling for many. Almost every person has been affected in some way by the impact of COVID-19. Being a part of the #CreditUnionMovement means we are going to need to be ready to act. Your members are going to be needing all kinds of assistance. Your credit unions thrive during these times because you know how important your members are. This is why we wanted to remind the credit unions, we're here for you to adapt. It can be to the Covid situation, after the pandemic and the “new” normal, or at any time you want to improve your and budgets.

When the pandemic first began its spread, we saw that many credit unions were quick to act in efforts to protect and help their members. There were halts to fees, repossessions, and foreclosures. We saw credit unions lower their rates on emergency loans and perform other actions to prepare their members for the days ahead. Oak Tree had also put forth many resources to assist the credit unions in their mission to support their members.

Now, we are seeing another stage in this situation where many communities are confident in their ability to reopen their businesses and allow for more interactions, with certain safety protocols still in place, of course. That is where Oak Tree is once again acting as a proactive partner to the industry. Along with our standard practice of staying ahead of the trends and regulatory changes, we also want to find other ways to help credit unions adapt to the new normal.

No one is alone in these times, as we are all a community and that is the lesson learned from our time with credit unions. We are here to do our part and help you adapt. As you are ready to transition, see how our forms can better enhance your lending portfolio. Check out our products & services, then contact us to start using the most reliable and compliant forms and disclosures for credit unions nationwide.