Humanitarian Highlight 6/6

The Goodwill of Humanity

Welcome back everyone, it’s finally #HumanitarianHighlight day!! We hope you all have been having a great and successful week. Below are some that have really caught our eye, so please be sure to check them out and let us know what you think! If you know of any that went above and beyond for their community, use #HumanitarianHighlight to be featured on our page! Let’s see the goodwill of humanity from across America.

Arizona Federal Credit Union

Helping support the community, their incredible employees came together to support the Wilson Community Food Drive. They were able to deliver 412 food bags to the school in order to help fight hunger during the summer break since the children won’t have access to the school’s lunch program.

Finger Lakes Federal Credit Union

Hosted by this incredible credit union, “Pain for a Cure” was an absolute success with an ability to raise a gracious amount of $2,710 which will go directly to Relay for Life. With the drive to help create a #CUdifference within the community, they are eager for more fundraisers. Also, great job to the volunteers and sponsors for making the night a success!

SeaComm Federal Credit Union

Donated $1,000 to the Mohawk Indiana Housing Corporation for a chance to help support the Food Assistance Program which entails providing food for those in the community who are in need.

“The purpose of the organization for which the corporation was formed was to provide housing on the St. Regis Mohawk Indian Reservation, build, lease property, sell and buy land, and do comprehensive planning activities for the area. The MIHC is willing and has always been involved and able to contribute any expertise in the housing sector for development desired by the Chiefs and Council.” Mohawk Indiana Housing Corporation

To learn more about this incredible corporation, click HERE!

Altra Federal Credit Union

Ran a fundraiser for two weeks and was able to collect $460 to help support the Next Step Community Solutions. This organization does the unthinkable for helping prevent teenage suicides.

“Our vision is to promote hope, help, and strength among youth in East Texas, so they can lead happy, healthy, and productive lives. We aim to achieve this through the provision of comprehensive mental health services, training, education, and evidence-based substance abuse prevention strategies.” Next Step Community Solutions

Interested in learning more? Click HERE!

Digital Federal Credit Union

How astonishing is this? Participating in The Outreach Program, Digital FCU helped packed around 17,000 meals to be donated to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank, Inc.

“The Merrimack Valley Food Bank is a community-supported 501C-3 non-profit organization that provides nutritious food and personal care items to emergency feeding programs serving the low-income, homeless and hungry. We are one of four food banks in Massachusetts that serves food pantries, shelters, and meal programs that in turn, serve individuals and families.” Merrimack Valley Food Bank, Inc.

Click HERE to learn more!

American 1 Credit Union

Donated $250,000 to Spring Arbor University in an effort to help with the renovation process for the school’s Athletic Center.

First Community Credit Union

With just a day and a half, First Community CU was able to reach its goal of $1,000!! The money will be donated to the local animal rescue organization Needy Paws.

At a recent event we attended, David & Ann Reynolds came up to us to tell their story. 40 years ago, David worked at Courts & records Federal Credit Union (LA Financial Credit Union) and Centris Federal Credit Union. David hired Ann who before then worked at LAPD Federal Credit Union; time went on and they fell in love. Ann explained to us that she found love at a Credit Union and couldn’t be happier. 40 years later, they are retired, happily in love, and are ecstatic to tell their credit union fairy tale.

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