The Credit Union Contribution

Make no mistake – “Quality of Life” drives us all. Our actions each day, sleeping, waking up, eating, working, exercising, socializing, and so very much more, are all motivated by individual day-to-day factors such as being tired, hungry, lonely, wanting better fitness, wanting to “feel” better, and so on. But at the end of the day, what we all want is a better “Quality of Life”; for us and for our loved ones.  As a part of the Credit Union Community, it is important to think of the quality of life and the credit union’s contribution to it as it pertains to the members and the staff.

This is exactly what your members are after. Each and every member walking through your Credit Union’s door, calling your Call Center, Emailing you, Chatting with you online, Responding to your Direct Mail – they’re all looking for something they believe will improve their Quality of Life – true needs, true wants, and true desires.

Your Credit Union’s internal policies dictate just how far you can go to respond to your member’s needs, wants, and desires, but within those policies, YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

The Difference

This difference – improving their Quality of Life – can be profound. A safe place to invest their money, a debit/ATM card for safe access to their funds, a credit card for important purchases, an auto loan for a better/safer set of wheels, a home equity loan to access their well earned but unassessed property equity – all ways that YOU can help.

There is a saying that being a professional means doing what you need to do even if at times you don’t really feel like it. Passing through this barrier can indeed help you help others, and improve their Quality of Life along the way. By being there where you are, when you are, fully prepared, and knowing your job better than anyone else, you stand to help improve each and every member’s Quality of Life that you come in contact with.

So make your way through your day, of course working on improving your own Quality of Life, but realize that your members are expecting the same – and doing just that is in your hands.

At Oak Tree, like you, we’re constantly taking stock in our purpose in your day by giving you the very best in easy to use forms that are safe, compliant, and purposeful, making it easier for you to do your part to never miss any opportunity to improve your members “Quality of Life.”

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