Innovating Lending Forms at your Credit Union

Innovating Lending Forms

As technology advances and becomes more affordable, nearly 81% of people own a smartphone. All the information one could need is at the touch of a screen. The days of dialing a phone number to find out what hours the credit union is open are long gone. Running a quick Google search or taking a peek at social media is the best way to find out when in-person banking can be done. Naturally, as technology advances, credit unions need to expand options for digital banking and lending

Is now the time for a core conversion in your credit union

Is Now the Time for a Core Conversion?

When the first credit union in the U.S. was opened in 1909, all banking was done by paper and, all transactions were manually processed. We have come a long way since then, but with new technology every year, there is always room for improvements. For some credit unions, now is the time for a complete core conversion to improve efficiency and allow for more data integration.