2023 Credit Union Top Blog Posts

Credit Union Marketing Corner

Last week we showed you some of the top-read blog posts from previous years that our readers still felt were relevant this year. Now we are going to look at the top 6 from this year. We know our marketing posts are almost always a big hit, but we are always on the lookout for other topics we believe you will find interesting and enlightening. So, look at the 2023 credit union top blog posts and prepare for 2024!

The Credit Union Movement

The history of this great movement started in 1864 and so we went through and created a broad overview of how Friedrich Raiffeisen introduced this unique financial institution to the world. Next year marks 160 years of this movement and for the past 40+ years of that, we have been here to assist credit unions in having compliant and easy-to-use forms for all their membership and lending needs.

Top Trends in Credit Union Technology

One thing guaranteed to change is the technology at hand, regardless of what field or market you are in, and it is important to stay ahead of these trends to not fall behind. We looked at some important fintech trends that you should be aware of and ready to integrate into your credit union.

New Cyber Incident Rule

Cyber attacks have been a scary part of our industry and so recently the NCUA put out some requirement regulations on how credit unions need to report these incidents. We went through it all and put together a bit of important information all credit unions need to be aware of.

Credit Unions Need Marketing Budgets

Not everyone understands marketing, and sometimes people think they understand it when they really don’t. This confusion for the non-marketing staff can sometimes make marketing seem less important or cause the belief that only immediate ROI is good marketing. Sometimes marketing is the long game, and so it is important to dedicate a portion of any company’s budget to this essential need.

Regulatory Watch: Severance Gag Legality

Another regulation article got a lot of traction this year, and it was about the severance gag orders since the NLRB issued a landmark decision stating these would be illegal under federal law. There are exclusions of course, so we put together a blog post to go over what we thought was important.

Credit Union SWOT Assistance

A few years ago we brought up the importance of a Credit Union SWOT Analysis, and this year we want to give you some assistance in putting together one. Remember, what goes in your SWOT last year might not go into this year’s SWOT, and that is why it is a great idea to revisit this from time to time.

Every week we put these articles together to help you and your members have a better credit union and community. Ranging in topics from regulations to career advice as well as hints on how to better communicate to your members and prospects we are always posting loads of marketing advice. Be sure to check out our blog and social media every week. Until next year, have a great holiday!