3 tips to help your credit union avoid some common credit union marketing mistakes based on our 40 years of experience.
Common Mistakes

Oak Tree has a long history of marketing our services and working with for their marketing services. We have seen some really great credit union marketing over the years as well as plenty of common credit union marketing mistakes that seem to never go away. It is important to ensure your marketing is tailor-made to your prospective consumers and this is often overlooked as a credit union tries too hard to complete like a bank or not put enough work into some of the bare essentials necessary to compete in today's market.

3 Credit Union Marketing Mistakes

1. Competing with Large Banks. 

Credit Union demographics are usually completely different than banks. So, your marketing efforts need to approach your demographic market completely differently. Credit unions exist to serve a niche market, whereas larger institutions have a much broader audience. We will help pinpoint your exact audience to maximize member enrollment and retention. Remember, banks are about profits while credit unions are about members. Sell what differentiates yourself from that end of the competition.

2. Competing in the Wrong Areas. 

Credit unions exist to serve their field of membership. Therefore, they should focus on that field of strength when marketing and branding themselves to compete for their market share. Our marketing team will help you lead with the right foot, so members will be naturally attracted to your credit union. The right relationship matters. Members need to know why you are different to have faith in what you offer.

3. Lackluster Website. 

In today's digital age, it's required that your website be appealing. However, you need to position your website appropriately as an advertisement or lead magnet, for new members. Our marketing team will help you make sure your website is being used to its fullest capacity as a powerful branding and marketing tool. Online branding is essential in today's digital competition space…, especially around other credit unions. So, make sure your website is clean, professional, and presentable. And while you're at it, also look at your social media. Do a social media audit and start engaging with your members, prospective members, and your community! (Just be sure to connect with us too, we love engaging with credit union social media account holders!)

By partnering with Oak Tree for your credit union marketing services, you avoid these and other marketing mistakes. Further, we work with you to form a marketing campaign that is fun and effective for your target market. So, say “hello” to open singular marketing from Oak Tree. To find out more about our marketing services and reach your full potential, be sure to follow our for more similar marketing corner posts.