4 Best Benefits of Blogging
4 Best Benefits of Blogging

Credit Union Marketing Corner

Blogging might not sound like an important aspect of a financial institution’s marketing efforts, but in fact, blogging can be beneficial to your credit union and its members in a number of ways. In the technological age, blogging has come a very long way from a pseudo-diary and has transformed into a useful way to spread well-researched information and connect with online communities and readers. Check out a few ways that make blogging beneficial to your credit union’s marketing plan as we show our 4 best benefits of blogging.

1. Pumps up SEO:

Creating a well-maintained and consistent blog about relative topics can increase your institution’s search ratings and improve conversions. The opportunity to tie in highly searched keywords and phrases that reference back to related topics of interest will increase site visits, clicks, and customer conversions. Finding a good writer or outsourcing marketing blog content can be faster than randomly picking keywords that relate to your website. 

2. Gives a voice and authority:

Writing a blog is yet another way to relay your brand voice and identity to your current and potential members. Here lies the opportunity to put forth a curated writing style that humanizes your institution and further adds to your brand narrative. Brand voice, on top of well-researched and relative topics, will increase your credit union’s authority and expertise in the financial field. 

3. Creates shareable content:

The digital age is very content-driven and so are most marketing techniques. Consistently creating blogs for your credit union will provide valuable content for sharing on multiple platforms. Sharing blog posts on social media channels, emails, e-newsletters, etc., will build your online presence and recognition. Content sharing can easily facilitate discussions and grow an active digital community. 

4. Brings community and conversion:

The consistency of blogging about relative topics not only shows that your institution is alive and thriving, but that it is also actively involved in the industry and gathering its important information. Your blog will be yet another member benefit and also an opportunity to get your community involved in financial education and services. Make sure that the content of your blog is relevant and follows your credit union’s mission and vision.

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