Credit Union Employee Retention

Nothing makes a business flow more smoothly than great employees. They are the oil of every successful credit union machine. Knowing who they are and how to keep them is paramount because good employees make members feel safe, valued, and secure. It is also a testament to the management of the credit union. Let’s spend a few minutes talking about what it takes to find and keep great employees. Especially with the crazy economic times we currently have it is a good idea to look at credit union employee retention so you can hire better staff and keep them!

Identify Your Keepers. For starters, you need to know how to identify a “keeper.” You know, those employees that every organization wants? They are easy to spot. “Keeper” employees typically have smiling faces, great work ethics, and a can-do attitude. They are always willing to go above and beyond, yet be honest as well. If they need help, they are never shy about asking because they know they do such a great job, to begin with.

Keeping Great Employees Happy. So how do you keep those types of employees happy? It’s easier than you think. Consider the following ideas.

Offer Something New. Offer great employees a new position. The move might be a lateral one within their skill set, yet a step up from their current pay. This gives them more responsibility and also allows them to rise to their full potential.

Also, be sure to give incentives. You might consider doing this by hosting a contest to keep ideas new and fresh. It’s also a great way to provide positive reinforcement and show these employees just how valuable they are to your organization.

Equip Them. Beyond that, there are a couple of things you can do to keep great employees happy that will cost you very little. Make sure they have a stable working environment, for one. That is key. Employees always operate best when they feel the company is secure, and management is sound.

Secondly, be sure to give them effective work tools, which includes teaming up with the very best outsourced vendors. Work areas should present well, and office supplies should never run dry. And, forms provided by Oak Tree are crucial, as they reassure your employees that they have the very best resources at hand. Oak Tree forms make handling transactions so much easier. Of course, Oak Tree will keep you well supplied with forms that are current and up to date. Compliant forms give employees the confidence they need to do the job they love to do.

Keeping good employees always yields the best return for credit unions. Treat them well, and they will be with you for many years.