5 Reasons Credit Union Lending Beats the Bank
5 Reasons Credit Union Lending Beats the Bank

The next time one of your members thinks about getting a loan to make home repairs, finance a new home, or purchase a vehicle, use the five tips below to help the member choose you as a lending option. People often operate under the assumption that a bank is the only place that can serve their lending needs. It might be time for you to shine a little light on the subject for the potential borrower. Listed below are our 5 reasons credit union lending beats the bank for lending.

5 Reasons Credit Union Lending Will Beat a Bank Every Time

1. Higher Approval Rates If your member’s credit is stained, dirty, or needs a bit of repair, your credit union is much more likely to be accommodating than a bank. Though the loan terms and processes are very similar, credit unions are known for listening to their members’ needs. Credit unions are most likely to understand that unique situations occur, and will work toward loan approvals. They will even adjust loan terms accordingly in some instances. Book any type of loan when you use Oak Tree forms.

2. Better Rates To explore this, let’s look at vehicle loans. Typically, most of us will secure a five-year loan for a vehicle. The rate at the credit union will be much lower than the interest rate at a traditional bank. It may only look like a 1% difference, but that 1% can add up to thousands of dollars put back into your member’s pocket during the life of the loan. Oak Tree forms stay on top of state and federal compliance laws and their ongoing changes, which supports low-interest rate loans.

3. Better Services Since credit unions are classified as nonprofit, they don’t answer to a shareholder board. Operation decisions are usually made by a volunteer board, rather than corporate office appointees. To that end, members feel much more comfortable talking to their credit union about payment options and services. It is much easier to talk to someone when you feel like they genuinely have your best interest at heart. In addition, Oak Tree seamlessly integrates your credit union forms into your data processing system with Data Linking, allowing for faster loan processing, and saving your members time.

4. Educational Resources Your credit union may have a resource center, which serves to educate your members on different finance options, financial products, and bank accounts they may have. Utilizing this resource can aid members in making a decision that best suits their needs when it comes time to secure a loan or otherwise. In addition, your credit union will probably go the extra mile, being a member-driven financial service institution. For instance, the credit union may determine the value of a vehicle so the member feels good about the loan before applying. Since the credit union is nonprofit, their answers are unbiased, so members know the credit union is not trying to inflate or deflate the value of the vehicle to stick them with a higher-rate loan. Oak Tree also offers training so your credit union staff is ready to use our forms and help members obtain the best loan.

5. No Selling Since they are nonprofit, credit unions essentially work for you. There is no incentive for them to sell you any new product or service. All profits generated by the credit unions go back to members, showing up in lower interest rates or new financial products, like different savings account loan options. This makes it easy to find a credit union that meets your needs. This, in addition to a faster loan processor, will lead to word of mouth from happy members.

Now you can put a bug in your member’s ear so to speak, the next time the subject of lending comes up. Use these 5 tips to promote yourself. Of course, Oak Tree will stand ready as your forms provider. The friendly, consistent, and trustworthy nature of your credit union, coupled with our compliant lending forms, will ensure that your members have a great borrowing experience. Members will be glad they made the switch!